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Right C3 has the great privilege of working with students from various backgrounds across the entire nation. We help students gain admission to colleges and universities throughout the United States.Our students may be as varied as the place they call home - but they share the same goals.


Is C3 workshop a scam? | Yahoo Answers


Sep 24, 2013 · This is not a scam. Yes,you do have to pay,but you are not paying for a "guarantee to school of choice." You are paying for the student to get help with SAT/ACT prep and for online 24/7 tutoring and other services that can make a big/huge difference in which colleges/university's will accept that particular student.


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Blog Contact CLIENT LOGIN. DO COLLEGE THE RIGHT WAY. We are here to help the next generation make wise decisions by pursuing the right career and attending the right college at the right cost. Learn more. RIGHT College, career & cost. With our team of coaches we are here to …


Right C3 - Updated COVID-19 Hours & Services - 11 Photos ...


DO NOT DO THIS!!!! complete and utter scam. you can find all this information online for free and you won't be out $2k. seriously the worst decision i've made with my education. they are zero help and you're limited to the amount of time you can contact them and if you want to exceed the limit you have to pay more. there's no way to cancel it either. if you know how, report it as fraud ...

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    Is the C3 workshop a scam? - Quora


    Jun 07, 2018 · I’m assuming what you found is this: Is C3 workshop a scam? If you read the answers, people explain pretty clearly that this is a high-pressure sales program. I don’t think it’s a fraud (they do something), but it’s clearly not as presented. The U...


    High School Parents: Beware of the C3 Scam


    High School Parents: Beware of the C3 Scam. February 13, 2017. The other day my daughter received a letter in the mail informing her that she was selected to attend a special workshop to help her receive financial aid for college. Considering that I’m scrounging around for enough money to keep our water from being shut off today, I had her ...


    Is Right C3 Legit? — College Confidential


    Is Right C3 Legit? JovanMer45 0 replies 1 threads New Member. February 2015 in College Confidential Cafe. I got a letter in the Mail saying that I "Needed to attend this Workshop because "It is so important for my future" after the Presentation, they had a long interview with me and my family and convinced my father that he should pay 2000 ...

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